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Lobulo Design: Atype via DesignWorkLife

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Anchor Books Covers by Edward Gorey

Between 1953 and 1960, Edward Gorey was art director for the collection of paperbacks in Anchor Books. Gorey was in charge of design, typography and, in many cases, the illustration of the cover. These covers show his gaze on a lot of classic literature, and reconnect with a collection that many would like in our libraries…

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Pollock Bars

Mexico-based Unelefante, an online gift store has teamed up with Chef Jorge Llanderal and his family to created a collection of beautifully designed chocolate bars that are inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock.

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My best projects are the ones where I don’t quite know what I’m doing and just have to reason my way through it. Those projects feed into and perpetuate a curiosity about how things work.