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Words mold brains, and if you don’t believe it, you should look at what sort of language we use about the internet and the products (digital and not) that connect to it and are part of it.

Revolutionary, disruptive, magical, wizards, and on and on—contemporary digital culture has co-opted the language of revolution and magic without the muscle, ethics, conviction, or imagination of either. And it’s not that those things aren’t possible, we just aren’t living up to their meaning and instead saturating ourselves with hyperbole. These are words you have to earn, and slinging them around strips the words of their powerful meaning. Can you take a real revolution seriously if you are bombarded with messaging that your phone is revolutionary?


A Walk Through Art History

I designed these shoes with a unique goal in mind: to create a shoe as a summation of an entire culture’s art. Each shoe possesses design qualities, color palettes, and designs only found in the respective culture. This project allowed me to investigate art historical cultures in a special way by challenging myself to translate an entire style (or series of styles) onto a single object.

Conveniently, I was able to use these designs as the concentration section of my AP Studio Art portfolio and received a score of a 5! 

 I possess full federal copyright of these designs. 

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It’s reflective of a growing issue in Japanese society regarding gender relations. Late last year, the World Economic Forum ranked Japan number 101 out of 135 nations in their annual Global Gender Gap ranking. When this list was released, many Japanese Internet users came out arguing that women and men are inherently different, and that women should stay home as that makes them happy. And this mindset isn’t an online-only view — a poll conducted by the Japanese government in December (the same month Japan overwhelmingly elected a conservative government) found 51 percent of the population believe women should stay home and raise the family while men focus on work.

Can Fandom Change Society? (by PBSoffbook)