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Andre Petterson

i need a print of that typewriter.

About the work:

Petterson attempts to capture the essence of a split-second in time.  His current photography-based work explores various themes of lighting to create elements of mystery. Rembrandt and the Dutch masters’ use of light have strongly influenced Petterson; important elements are highlighted and the mind must fill in the rest.  Fabric and movement are also subjects of fascination for the artist.  He believes that the integration of movement and fabric are similar to brushstrokes. The chance and artistic freedom involved in motions of dance and similar movements are also reflected in his mixed media work.

(via taherehmafi)

Portraits by Kumi Yamashita

Each image is constructed from a single unbroken black thread wound through a dense array of galvanized nails mounted on a painted white board, meaning that the darker areas within the portrait are formed solely from the density of the string.

(via Colossal)

You may have noticed yesterday that Nathan Fillion tweeted a very dapper portrait of himself as Mal Reynolds from Firefly. This artwork is by Dan Dos Santos, who immortalized the Browncoat for Dark Horse’s upcoming Serenity comic for Free Comic Book Day. Dan took io9 through the process of drawing the most charming captain in the ‘verse.