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Meredith Woolnough’s Embroideries Mimic Delicate Forms of Nature

Woolnough uses a special embroidery technique that involves a domestic sewing machine and a base cloth that dissolves in water after the piece is complete leaving just the skeleton. In a way, her process also mimics the natural process of leaves dying and drying up which, in turn, become the subject of her work.



Fabian Oefner is bringing art and science together. In this eye-catching series of clips, Oefner makes sound waves visible by placing colorful crystals over a speaker and filming their movement. The result is poetic and more than a little trippy.

Watch his talk and see more beautiful scientific experiments here»

So cool. This would be an awesome gif to show students in physics as they are learning about sound waves. It is a great way to see the shape of the wave. 

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Autumn landscapes, Vincent van Gogh

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Flowers in lines.

2012. sketchbook and paper, faber-castell pen

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Close-up shot of:
Water Lily Pond
Claude Monet

@ Art Institute Chicago