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Teaser for Book Hive, an amazing interactive installation at Bristol’s Central Library from British art collective Rusty Squid – the best thing since this photographic love letter to public libraries.

You can either watch great stories or live a great story, and no great story is without detours and moments of, ‘Is he going to make it?’ You have to get a couple scars along the way.

How to Eat Cake 101

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Illustrator and graphic designer Ann Shen’s drawings of bad girls throughout history. (Though “badass” is more appropriate than “bad,” strictly scientifically speaking.)

For some substantiation on the badassery of the above, see Amelia Earhart on marriage, Ada Lovelace on science and spirituality, Nellie Bly’s groundbreaking journalistic feistiness, and Eleanor Roosevelt on happiness and conformity and her controversial love letters to Lorena Hickok.





Wow incredible

Holy shit.


One of the very few times nowadays the word “epic” is not overused.

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